Ornella Mich

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A currently relevant research field in information sciences is the management of nontraditional distributed multimedia databases. Two related key issues are to achieve an efficient content-based query by example retrieval and a fast response time. This paper presents the architecture of a distributed image retrieval system which provides novel solutions to(More)
LODE is a web tool for deaf children, which aims at stimulating global reasoning on written estories. This paper reports on the design of LODE, and an initial prototype application of LODE. First, we motivate the need of an e-tool such as LODE for deaf children, explain its reasoning exercises and the expected learning outcomes. Then the paper describes the(More)
| In this paper we present a system for browsing large mug-shot databases and the creation identikits of photographic quality. The two functions are interrelated: the available database provides direct feedback to the user building the identikit and the identikit itself can be used as an access key to the image database. SpotIt! provides a virtually(More)
After a study done in order to evaluate the numerical presence and the qualification of women in the research staff of ITC-irst, we organized a mentoring initiative consisting of scientific lectures and mentoring workshops held by experienced international female researchers in the field of computer science, information technology and microelectronics. This(More)