Ornella Maria Gia

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The synthesis and the photobiological activity of two new hydroxymethyl derivatives of psoralen namely 4-hydroxymethyl-4'-methyl- and 4-hydroxymethyl-4'-methyl-8-methoxypsoralen are described. Both compounds exhibited efficient photobinding to DNA and RNA. The DNA-photobinding process was investigated using different nucleic acid structures such as(More)
The synthesis of new planar derivatives characterised by the presence of an indolonaphthyridine nucleus, carrying a dimethylaminoethyl or a dimethylaminopropyl side chain is reported. The antiproliferative activity of the new products was tested by means of an in vitro assay on human tumour cell lines (HL-60 and HeLa). A number of compounds (1a-d, 1h)(More)
A series of 10 bis-indolylpyrazoles of type 9, 10 were obtained by cyclization of diketones 8 using hydrazine monohydrate or methylhydrazine in refluxing acetic acid/THF. Derivatives 9a,c,d were selected, by the National Cancer Institute (NCI, Bethesda, USA), to be evaluated against the full panel of about 60 human tumor cell lines derived from nine human(More)
The effects of different DNA sequences on the photoreaction of various furocoumarin derivatives was investigated from a quantitative point of view using a number of self-complementary oligonucleotides. These contained 5'-TA and 5'-AT residues, having various flanking sequences. The furocoumarins included classical bifunctional derivatives, such as(More)
The synthesis of benzimidazoquinazoline derivatives bearing different alkylamino side chains is reported. All new compounds tested by means of an in vitro assay exhibit antiproliferative activity toward human tumor cell lines. The cytotoxic effect depends on the type of side chain inserted in the planar nucleus and in some cases it is comparable to that of(More)
A series of 11 bis-indolylthiophenes of type 8-10 were obtained by cyclization of diketones 4 and 7 using Lawesson's reagent. Derivatives 8c, 9c, 9d, and 10c were selected to be evaluated in the full panel of about 60 human tumor cell lines derived from nine human cancer cell types and showed antiproliferative activity generally in the micromolar range. The(More)
The synthesis of new tetrahydrobenzo- and benzopsoralen derivatives carrying at position 5 or 8 of the furocoumarin moiety a methoxy, hydroxy, or dimethylaminopropoxy side chain is reported. The study of their photoantiproliferative activity and ability to induce erythema on guinea pig skin allows us to state that the derivatives carrying the(More)
A collection of compounds, structurally related to the anticancer drug tamoxifen, used in breast cancer therapy, were designed and synthesized as potential anticancer agents. McMurry coupling reaction was used as the key synthetic step in the preparation of these analogues and the structural assignment of E, Z isomers was determined on the basis of 2D-NOESY(More)
A simple stochastic approach, designed to model the movement of electrons throughout chemical bonds, is introduced. This model makes use of a Markov matrix to codify useful structural information in QSAR. The self-return probabilities of this matrix throughout time ((SR)pi(k)) are then used as molecular descriptors. Firstly, a calculation of (SR)pi(k) is(More)
The preparation and biological evaluation of a novel series of dimeric camptothecin derivatives are described. All the new compounds showed a significant ability to inhibit human tumor cell growth with IC(50) values ranging from 0.03 to 12.2 μM. The interference with the activity of the nuclear enzymes topoisomerases has been demonstrated, highlighting the(More)