Ornella Corazzari

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The paper reports on the design and construction of a multi-layered corpus of Italian, annotated at the syntactic and lexico-semantic levels, whose development is supported by dedicated software augmented with an intelligent interface. The issue of evaluating this type of resource is also addressed.
[11] Dan Klein and Christopher D. Manning. Fast exact inference with a factored model for natural language parsing. Another more practical line of activity includes an error analysis to identify the classes of errors done by the two algorithms, so that strategies to cope with them can be designed. For Collins' parsers this would imply the introduction of(More)
The availability of semantically tagged corpora is becoming a very important and urgent need for training and evaluation within a large number of applications but also they are the natural application and accompaniment of semantic lexicons of which they constitute both a useful testbed to evaluate their adequacy and a repository of corpus examples for the(More)
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