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Clinical, serologic, and genetic findings in Sjögren's syndrome patients were correlated with quantitative determinations for antibody against Ro (SS-A), La (SS-B), and nRNP (Sm) using newly developed, sensitive solid-phase assays. In 86 Sjögren's syndrome patient sera, more than 96% had anti-Ro (SS-A), and 87% had anti-La (SS-B), spanning a 4.8 log10 range(More)
Three homogeneous glycoproteins were isolated from reduced and S-carboxy-methylated canine tracheal pouch mucus by gel filtration and ion-exchange chromatography. Initial fractionation was carried out on Sephadex G-200; chromatography of the excluded Sephadex G-200 fraction on Bio-Gel A-15 m yielded two high molecular weight glycoprotein fractions.(More)
Individuals with ADHD often show performance deficits in motor tasks. It is not clear, however, whether this reflects less effective acquisition of skill (procedural knowledge), or deficient consolidation into long-term memory, in ADHD. The aim of the study was to compare the acquisition of skilled motor performance, the expression of delayed--consolidation(More)
Congenital complete heart block is closely associated with the presence of anti-Ro (SS-A) autoantibodies. Quantitative solid-phase assays for Ro (SS-A) autoantigen and autoantibody have established the presence of Ro (SS-A) in cardiac tissues and have been used to evaluate an informative pedigree. The propositus we describe here had complete congenital(More)
The rheumatic disease autoantigen, Ro/SSA, was immunogenic to a rabbit host. The heteroimmune rabbit serum bound the Ro/SSA particle in immunoblots and in an ELISA. Both the rabbit anti-Ro/SSA and a human prototype anti-Ro/SSA serum also bound IgG; and moreover, IgG inhibited both rabbit and human anti-Ro/SSA activity. Anti-IgG activity of the rabbit and(More)
We have applied a sensitive assay to analyze lupus and Sjögren's syndrome autoantibodies in 40 normal sera. Seven of these bound Ro/Sjögren's syndrome A antigen (SSA). Although this binding was 1,000-fold lower than the highest anti-Ro/SSA level measured from patients, it was inhibited by human Ro/SSA. Positive normal serum-bound Ro/SSA in Western(More)
La/SSB is a small nuclear RNA protein against which precipitating autoantibodies are made in many patients with systemic lupus erythematosus or Sjögren's syndrome. The recent purification of La/SSB has made structural and immunologic studies possible. Consequently, a mouse hybridoma antibody (La1) was raised, after immunization and fusion, that reacted with(More)
Individuals with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) have difficulties in achieving optimal performance in many everyday and academic tasks, deficits attributed to impaired skill acquisition and procedural memory consolidation. We tested the effect of a skipped dose of methylphenidate (MPH) on learning a movement sequence and its subsequent(More)