Orlando Soto

Madeline Torres-Lugo2
Janet Méndez-Vega1
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Colloidal suspensions of iron oxide magnetic nanoparticles are known to dissipate energy when exposed to an oscillating magnetic field. Such energy dissipation can be employed to locally raise temperature inside a tumor between 41°C and 45°C (hyperthermia) to promote cell death, a treatment known as magnetic fluid hyperthermia (MFH). This work seeks to(More)
Magnetic fluid hyperthermia as a cancer treatment method is an attractive alternative to other forms of hyperthermia. It is based on the heat released by magnetic nanoparticles subjected to an alternating magnetic field. Recent studies have shown that magnetic fluid hyperthermia-treated cells respond significantly better to chemotherapeutic treatment(More)
A design methodology based on a mixed adjoint a p p r o a c h for ow problems governed by the Incompressible Turbulent N a vier Stokes equations is deduced and tested. The main feature of the algorithm is that instead of solving an exact discrete adjoint equation, it solves a fast-converging low-order adjoint formulation, saving an important amount of CPU(More)
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