Orlando Jimenez

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OBJECTIVE AND IMPORTANCE Holocord intradural lipoma extending from the cervical to the lumbar spine is an exceedingly rare condition. An extensive review of the literature revealed that only eight other cases have been reported, and none occurred during the contemporary magnetic resonance imaging era. CLINICAL PRESENTATION A case of holocord intradural(More)
­-hydroxybutyrate and acetoacetate as well as lactate and pyruvate are intermediary metabolites normally present in blood. The ­-hydroxybutyrate/acetoacetate ratio is an expression of the mitochon-drial oxido-reduction state. This ketone body ratio can provide a clue to diagnosis and metabolic status in congenital errors of the electron transport chain and(More)
The objective was to evaluate the automatic ELISA Triturus analyser in order to assess its practicability and imprecision. The analyser was evaluated according to the guidelines of the Spanish Society of Clinical Chemistry. The evaluation was performed in two steps: evaluation of the imprecision and the inaccuracy of a semiquantitative and qualitative(More)
The DNA ploidy of a series of 78 gliomas has been estimated by flow cytometry using cell suspensions prepared from paraffin embedded material. Apart from two oligodendrogliomas the tumours were all astrocytomas. Forty-nine (63%) tumours were found to have a diploid DNA distribution and 29 (37%) an aneuploid DNA distribution. The two oligodendrogliomas were(More)
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