Orlando Hayes

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The cell cycle stage of donor cells is an important factor influencing developmental ability of nuclear transfer embryos. In the present experiment, cumulus and fibroblast cells of cattle were subjected to flow cytometric cell cycle analysis before being used in somatic cloning experiments. The following experimental groups were analyzed for each cell type:(More)
Liver tissue samples from four chimpanzees submitted to viral challenge in order to test a recombinant anti-hepatitis B virus vaccine, were studied by electron microscopy. The vaccinated monkeys showed no evidences of acute viral hepatitis (AVH), demonstrating the protection against an infective viral dose; on the contrary, the non-vaccinated chimps(More)
The use of live bioreactors for the expression of human genes in the mammary gland of transgenic animals is one of the most cost-effective ways for the production of valuable recombinant therapeutic proteins. Among the transgenic species used so far, rabbits are good candidates for the expression of tens to hundreds of grams of complex proteins in the milk(More)
Streptokinase (SK) is the most widely used compound for the treatment of myocardial infarction and the least expensive thrombolytic agent, but a drawback to its use is the widespread presence of anti-SK antibodies (Abs). Clinical failure of the activation of the fibrinolytic system by SK has been reported due to the presence of a high titer of anti-SK(More)
The outcome of the process of cloning by nuclear transfer depends on multiple factors that affect its efficiency. Donor cells should be carefully selected for their use in somatic nuclear transfer, and the protocols used for keeping frozen cell banks are of cardinal importance. Here we studied the effect of two protocols for freezing donor cells on fusion(More)
Streptokinase (SK) is a worldwide used thrombolytic agent known for its immunogenicity. Mut-C42 is a mutant recombinant streptokinase lacking the 42 C-terminal aminoacids and intended to be less immunogenic than native SK. We have compared the pharmacokinetic profiles of this molecule to its recombinant counterpart SK-C2 (Heberkinasa), and describe them(More)
Recent advances in modern marine biotechnology have permitted the generation of new strains of economically important fish species through the transfer of growth hormone genes. These transgenic fish strains show improved growth performance and therefore constitute a better alternative for aquaculture programs. Recently, we have obtained a transgenic tilapia(More)
LEPBOSC NOTE 97/1 ALEPH 97-052 PHYSIC 97-046 DELPHI note 97-49 PHYS 701 L3 Internal Note 2087 OPAL Technical Note TN 485 May 23, 1997 LEP Combined Results on B0 Oscillations The LEP B Oscillations Working Groupy Abstract Preliminary combined results on B0 oscillations from the four LEP experiments are presented. A mean value for md = 0:466 0:019 ps 1 is(More)