Orlando García-Pérez

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Unique properties exhibited by metamaterial transmission lines have been previously used to design a large number of dual-band microwave passive devices, but not active ones. In this paper, a novel dual-band active filter scheme based on composite right/left-handed transmission lines is proposed. The inclusion of these types of lines as feedback sections in(More)
This paper deals with the real-time stabilization of a Quadrotor mini helicopter applying a discrete optimal control. A discrete control strategy is better adapted to be executed in a micro-controller, therefore better results are expected with respect to continuous case. Furthermore, the optimal control law allows to helicopter to save energy and then(More)
A focusing system for a 300 GHz radar with two target distances (5m and 10m) is proposed, having 1cm resolution in both cases. The focusing system is based on a gaussian telescope scheme and it has been designed using gaussian beam quasi-optical propagation theory with a homemade Matlab analysis tool. It has been translated into a real focusing system based(More)
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