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Motion parallax is the optical change of the visual field of an observer which results from a change of his viewing position. It is often denned as the set of "apparent motions" of stationary objects which arise during locomotion. Psychologists assert that it is a "cue" for perceiving the depth of the objects, but the optical fact of motion parallax must be(More)
Engaging clinical nurses in practice-based research is a cornerstone of professional nursing practice and a critical element in the delivery of high-quality patient care. Practising staff nurses are well suited to identify the phenomena and issues that are clinically relevant and appropriate for research. In response to the need to invest in and build(More)
Sleep loss and sleep disruption are common in critically ill patients and may adversely affect clinical outcomes. Although polysomnography remains the most accurate and reliable way to measure sleep, it is costly and impractical for regular use in the intensive care unit. This study evaluates the accuracy of two other methods currently used for measuring(More)
  • American journal of obstetrics and gynecology
  • 1948
In 1948, Olive Watkins Smith published ?Diethylstilbestrol in the Prevention and Treatment of Complications of Pregnancy? in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology. In 632 women treated with diethylstilbestrol, Smith demonstrated that the drug stimulated the production of progesterone [4], a hormone [5] that regulates the uterine condition during(More)