Orla G Killeen

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We report a female infant of 42 weeks gestation with a left sided diaphragmatic hernia and a hypoplastic left heart. A true double vagina, absent uterus and abnormal male gonads were found in the presence of normal external female genitalia. Conventional G band karyotyping of skin samples revealed a normal male karyotype. The aetiology and inheritance are(More)
There have been many reports of Non-Consultant Hospital Doctors (NCHDs) deciding to leave hospital medicine in pursuit of a career with better hours and lifestyle such as general practice. It is not known, however, how widespread feelings of dissatisfaction are in paediatrics and whether work-related stress is a contributing factor. A postal survey of NCHDs(More)
The postmortem historically has been considered a valuable diagnostic exercise which contributes to medical knowledge. Despite this, there has been a significant reduction in autopsy rates throughout the developed world. This audit was a retrospective study of autopsy reports of stillbirths and neonates [corrected] greater than 500 grams over a five year(More)
Introduction With emerging interactive and communication technologies now available, the internet has become one of the top health information resources for adolescents (Stinson et al., 2010). Adolescents are typically the early adapters of new technologies, with in particular, the internet providing innovative opportunities for engaging youths. Traditional(More)
OBJECTIVE A proportion of children with oligoarthritis have an aggressive disease course. Identifying these children at presentation would help guide prognosis and management. We examined if magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of clinically unaffected joints is more sensitive than clinical assessment in identifying those at risk of developing arthritis in more(More)
Results 198 children and adolescents were examined, (56% male, 44% female). Median age was 7.2 years (0.6-18.6 years); 26% were adolescents (i.e. age ≥ 12 years). The average Beighton score for adolescents was 2 (0-6), which was significantly lower than that recorded for children, 4 (0-9) (p<0.001). There was no significant difference in the number of(More)
Background Intra articular injections are an effective and widely used technique that involes the direct application of a corticosteroid compound such as triamcinalone hexacetonide into a joint with active synovitis. Local IAIs can avoid many of the unwanted adverse effects of sytemic steroids but in children younger than 11 years or those with a(More)
Introduction The ‘Arthropathy of Down syndrome’ was first described in 1984. Three decades on we still have limited literature on the clinical and radiological features of this arthritis, despite the fact that it is thought to be 3-6 times more common than JIA in the general paediatric population. Down’s Arthropathy (DA) is rarely recognised at onset, and(More)
Introduction Cyberbullying, particularly among adolescents, is an emerging issue within our society. Cyberbullying shares similar characteristics with traditional bullying such as repetition, power imbalance and intention. However, it differs in the fact that it is anonymous and rapid, with its victims unable to escape. The effects of cyberbullying on young(More)