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BACKGROUND To evaluate the interest of using automatic speech analyses for the assessment of mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and early-stage Alzheimer's disease (AD). METHODS Healthy elderly control (HC) subjects and patients with MCI or AD were recorded while performing several short cognitive vocal tasks. The voice recordings were processed, and the(More)
Confidence scoring is an important component in speaker diarization systems, both for offline speech analytics and for online diarization that are required to produce the speaker segmentation from very little audio. This paper proposes a confidence measure for speaker diarization based on the spectral ratio of the eigenvalues of the Principal Component(More)
Real-life scenarios often require detection of few target emotional categories under a high mismatch between training and operation conditions. We present results of a study on sadness and anger detection with cross-corpora evaluations using two publically available databases. We demonstrate the influence of the mismatch on the detection accuracy comparing(More)