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<i>TapTap</i> is a wearable haptic system that allows nurturing human touch to be recorded, broadcast and played back for emotional therapy. Haptic input/output modules in a convenient modular scarf provide affectionate touch that can be personalized. We present a working prototype informed by a pilot study.
We explore how an interactive pathway impacts children's play patterns in outdoor playgrounds. The paper describes our experience designing and testing the prototype at various stages of development with twenty children age three to five enrolled in a preschool childcare center. We provide examples of the children's diverse play patterns and conclude with(More)
In recent decades the number of distributed families has increased, making it harder for family members to maintain a feeling of intimacy. In the traditional, closely located family, family members such as grandparents, and cousins are involved in a child's everyday life, contributing to his informal education and creating consistent intimate relationships.(More)
<i>PlayPals</i> are a set of wireless figurines with their electronic accessories that provide children with a playful way to communicate between remote locations. <i>PlayPals</i> is designed for children aged 5-8 to share multimedia experiences and virtual co-presence. We learned from our pilot study that embedding digital communication into existing play(More)
In this thesis I present a set of interactive portraits that strive to create an intimate experience between the viewer and the portrayed subject, a meaningful experience, one of personal reflection. My interactive portraits extend traditional photographic portraiture adding both motion and interaction. I present seven interactive prototype portraits that(More)
INTRODUCTION In recent decades families have become more geographically distributed, making it challenging for family members to maintain a feeling of intimacy. Distributed families face many challenges trying to maintain a sense of intimacy: Different time zones, limited conversation topics, and limited knowledge of the other's availability and mindset, to(More)
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