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Organogenesis requires expansion of the embryonic vascular plexus that migrates into developing organs through a process called angiogenesis. Mesodermal progenitors are thought to derive endothelial cells (ECs) that contribute to both embryonic vasculogenesis and the subsequent organ angiogenesis. Here, we demonstrate that during development of the liver,(More)
In the early fetal liver, hematopoietic progenitors expand and mature together with hepatoblasts, the liver progenitors of hepatocytes and cholangiocytes. Previous analyses of human fetal livers indicated that both progenitors support each other's lineage maturation and curiously share some cell surface markers including CD34 and CD133. Using the human(More)
Liver disease affects hundreds of millions of patients worldwide. Liver trans-plantation is currently the only curable treatment for liver failure caused by cir-rhosis, chronic hepatitis B or C, bile duct disease, genetic disease, autoimmune liver disease, primary liver cancer, alcoholic liver disease, or fatty liver disease. Currently, more than 6000 liver(More)
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