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The influence of enzyme supplementation on the bioavailable energy (AME(n)) and apparent digestibilities of lipid (ALD) and protein (APD) in young broiler chicks was examined for diets containing either wheat, hulled or hulless barley, naked oats, or spring rye. Dietary AME(n), APD, and ALD values were depressed (P less than or equal to .01) for all test(More)
Dedicated to the memory of Michael C. Mulder. He was a great individual with a long history of contribution to our profession. He will be remembered as a friend and a pioneer in information science and engineering education. Abstract: We propose a new model for IT education based on engineering principles and in line with the latest advancement in(More)
Facing high demand in both the public and private sectors for qualified information-security specialists, Arizona's Mesa Community College (MCC) and Connecticut's Norwalk Community College (NCC) were among the first to develop degree programs at the community-college level. This follow-up article examines the steps the two schools took in creating their(More)
a few colleges had classes that covered IA topics, no undergraduate level programs existed. Continual training and education are necessary to manage the ever-evolving technologies of computer systems and network administration , which place increasingly heavy demands on public and private entities. New positions open frequently for qualified applicants in(More)
Two dose-response experiments utilizing differing enzyme concentrations were carried out to determine the level of a crude enzyme preparation (Trichoderma viride cellulase) required to obtain maximum growth performance in young broiler chicks fed a 60% rye diet. Enzyme concentrations utilized in these studies ranged from .05 to 12.8 g enzyme/kg diet. Enzyme(More)