Oris Friesen

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a few colleges had classes that covered IA topics, no undergraduate level programs existed. Continual training and education are necessary to manage the ever-evolving technologies of computer systems and network administration , which place increasingly heavy demands on public and private entities. New positions open frequently for qualified applicants in(More)
Noting the shortage of IT professionals nationally [1], we propose a comprehensive curriculum that supports a variety of programs geared to all ages from early school years to retirement and beyond. Current IT workforce development efforts are limited to training, and have not as yet focused on education and professional development. Largely, this is due to(More)
— Is this system still fit for purpose? This question becomes critical in either a proposed or an active system of systems because many unannounced changes occur throughout the system content and context during its operational life. This challenge arises in multiple usage domains such as defense, national security, industrial, financial, commercial or(More)
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