Oriol Tejada

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The index of maximum and minimum level is a very useful technique, especially for decision making, which uses the Hamming distance and the adequacy coefficient in the same problem. In this paper, we suggest a generalization by using generalized and quasi-arithmetic means. As a result, we will get the generalized ordered weighted averaging index of maximum(More)
We extend the linear reforms introduced by Pfähler (1984) to the case of dual taxes. We study the relative effect that linear dual tax cuts have on the inequality of income distribution -a symmetrical study can be made for dual linear tax hikes-. We also introduce measures of the degree of progressivity for dual taxes and show that they can be connected to(More)
During the period 1980-2000, the yellow-legged gull population underwent exponential growth due to an increase in the availability of anthropogenic food resources. The aim of this study was to highlight the effect of the gull colonies on the P soil cycle and the associated effects on coastal ecosystems. Samples of soil, water and faecal material were(More)
We introduce a subclass of multi-sided assignment games that embodies markets with different types of firms that produce different types of homogeneous goods. These markets generalize bilateral Böhm-Bawerk horse markets. We describe the geometric and algebraic structure of the core, which is always nonempty. We also characterize the extreme points of the(More)
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