Oriol Carbonell-Nicolau

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A major problem of the positive theory of income taxation is to explain why statutory income tax schedules in practice are marginal-rate progressive. While it is commonly believed that this is but a simple consequence of the fact that the number of relatively poor voters exceeds that of richer voters in general, putting this contention in a voting(More)
In an economy where agents have different productivities and mobility, we compare a unified nonlinear optimal taxation with the equilibrium taxation that would be chosen by two competing tax authorities if the same economy were divided into two States. The overall level of progressivity and redistribution is unambiguously lower under competitive taxation;(More)
  • Esteban F. Klory, Eyal Winterz, +6 authors Brad Coker
  • 2006
This paper studies the e¤ects that the revelation of information on the electorate’s preferences has on voters’turnout decisions. The experimental data show that closeness in the division of preferences induces a signi…cant increase in turnout. Moreover, for closely divided electorates (and only for these electorates) the provision of information(More)
A Nash equilibrium x of a normal-form game G is essential if any perturbation of G has an equilibrium close to x . Using payoff perturbations, we identify a new collection of games containing a dense, residual subset of games whose Nash equilibria are all essential. This collection covers economic examples that cannot be handled by extant results and(More)