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Specific management guides for suprarenal incidentalomas detected after birth do not exist for children, but due to the high proportion of malignant tumors, surgical resection is recommended. We present the case of a 7-year-old patient with a non-functioning left suprarenal incidentaloma. Surgical resection and subsequent anatomopathologic analysis of the(More)
OBJECTIVE To perform a chemical analysis of all the available waters in Spain with the idea of offering consume recommendations to lithiasic patients. MATERIAL AND METHODS Information research of the chemical composition of Spanish tap and bottled water in publications, supermarkets and Internet. A descriptive study, and a correlation study between water(More)
Exstrophy of the urinary bladder is an uncommon congenital anormaly for wich cystectomy was recommended because of a high risk of developing carcinoma. We report a patient treated by cystectomy and ileal loop diversion, who, 34 years later, developed carcinoma of the ileal loop. It is the third report of a tumor developing in a ileal conduit constructed(More)
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