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Bacillus subtilis RB14, which showed antibiotic activities against several phytopathogens in vitro by producing the antibiotics iturin A and surfactin, was subjected to a pot test to investigate its ability to suppress damping-off of tomato seedlings caused by Rhizoctonia solani. To facilitate recovery from soil, B. subtilis RB14-C, a spontaneous(More)
BACKGROUND Although overall Japanese approval times declined after the establishment of a new review agency, they still vary significantly from one new drug application (NDA) to another. The causes of these variations have not been investigated quantitatively. OBJECTIVE To investigate associations between the approval times and properties of the NDAs such(More)
The stability of immobilized mRNA against ribonucleases was investigated in a cell-free protein synthesis system. The plasmid-encoding protein A with the 20-mer poly(A) tail under the control of T7 promoter was constructed, and the corresponding mRNA was synthesized by T7 RNA polymerase reaction. The resulting mRNA was immobilized on oligo(dT)-immobilized(More)
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