Orides Morandin

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This paper describes an intelligent vehicle management system, which uses Fuzzy logic to infer, from a set of input variables obtained from the vehicle's environment, what is the best destination for the vehicle. This is a decentralized implementation, that is, each vehicle is capable of deciding what is the best destination for itself, and also communicate(More)
In the last years, the industries are applying automation techniques with the aim to increase their efficiency to remain competitive. Due to this fact, there is an intensive search for techniques and methods applied to manufacturing systems for improvements, whether in quality, service deadlines and / or increased production. Several studies and practical(More)
Scheduling of Simultaneous production of machines and AGVs in Flexible Manufacturing Systems involves modeling and searching methodologies in a wide solution space. A criterion often used in the analysis of results for this type of problem is makespan. Many search methods are being used in an attempt to minimize the makespan. This paper has two research(More)
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