Oriane Viale

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In previous studies we identified a surface molecule (termed GL183) capable of mediating cell activation and selectively expressed by a subset of human CD3-CD16+ natural killer (NK) cells. In this(More)
The Vgamma9/Vdelta2 T cell receptor (TCR) is expressed by most human gammadelta T cells. We show here that cytotoxic T lymphocytes of the Vgamma9/Vdelta2 subset, but not of the Vdelta1 subset of(More)
This study was designed to identify the target molecules of the natural killer (NK) cell-mediated recognition of normal allogeneic target cells. As previously shown, the gene(s) governing the first(More)
Natural killer cells are characterized by the lack of CD3/TCR molecules and by the expression of CD16 and CD56 (NKHI or Leu19) surface antigens. In addition to their ability to lyse certain tumor(More)
Alloreactive clones expressing T cell receptor (TcR) gamma/delta were derived by limiting dilution from CD3+ CD4- CD8- WT31- populations stimulated in allogeneic mixed lymphocyte culture. These(More)