Oriane M. Neto

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The growing importance of electric distribution systems justifies new investments in their expansion and evolution. It is well known in the literature that optimization techniques can provide better allocation of the financial resources available for such a task, reducing total installation costs and power losses. In this work, the NSGA-II algorithm is used(More)
This paper presents a multicriterion algorithm for dealing with joint facility location and network design problems, formulated as bi-objective problems. The algorithm is composed of two modules: a mul-tiobjective quasi-Newton algorithm, that is used to find the location of the facilities; and a multiobjective genetic algorithm, which is responsible for(More)
This paper deals with multiobjective nonlinear system identification applied when modelling the relation of firing angle and equivalent reactance of a thyristor controlled series capacitor (TCSC). The mathematical representation chosen is NARMAX (Nonlinear AutoRegressive Moving Average with eXogenous inputs) due to its capability in modelling nonlinear(More)
This chapter presents a general framework of Differential Evolution algorithm for combinatorial optimization problems. We define the differences between a given pair of solutions in the differential mutation as a set of elementary movements in the discrete search space. In this way, the search mechanism and self-adaptive behavior of the differential(More)