Oriane Bonhomme

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We investigate experimentally the electrokinetic properties of soft nanofluidic channels that consist in soap films with nanometric thickness, covered with charged surfactants. Both the electric and fluidic responses of the system are measured under an applied voltage drop along the film. The electric field is shown to induce an electro-osmotic hydrodynamic(More)
We study experimentally the interfacial instability between a layer of dilute polymer solution and water flowing in a thin capillary. The use of microfluidic devices allows us to observe and quantify in great detail the features of the flow. At low velocities, the flow takes the form of a straight jet, while at high velocities, steady or advected wavy jets(More)
Investigating electrokinetic transport in a liquid foam is at the confluence of two well developed research areas. On one hand, the study of electrokinetic flows (i.e. surface-driven flows generated close to a charged interface) is fairly well understood in regards the solid/liquid interface. On the other hand, the flow of liquid in a 3D deformable network,(More)
Foam films (a liquid lamella in air covered by surfactants) are tools of choice for nanofluidic characterization as they are intrinsically nanometric. Their size is indeed fixed by a balance between external pressure and particular molecular interactions in the vicinity of interfaces. To probe the exact nature of these interfaces, different(More)
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