Ori S. Better

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Following the collapse of a building, seven subjects (aged 18 to 41 years) were released from under the rubble within one to 28 hours. All seven suffered from extensive crush injuries with evidence of severe rhabdomyolysis and were treated by the induction of an alkaline solute diuresis immediately on their extrication from the debris. The leakage of muscle(More)
The function and role of the heart and the contribution of cardiac beta-adrenoceptors in the pathogenesis of circulatory failure in obstructive jaundice were studied in the 3-day bile duct-ligated (BDL) rat using three different techniques to measure cardiac function and beta-adrenoceptor activity, number, and affinity. The techniques were the pithed rat(More)
Although many renal physiologic studies in the rat have utilized pentobarbital anesthetized animals, there has been no systematic evaluation of the effects of barbiturate anesthesia on renal function. We therefore compared systemic hemodynamic and renal function parameters in conscious (C) and pentobarbital anesthetized (A) rats. Cardiac index and renal(More)
The association between obstructive jaundice and postoperative acute renal failure has been originally described more than eight decades ago and is now a well-established clinical phenomenon. Acute renal failure occurs in 8 to 10% of patients requiring surgery for relief of obstructive jaundice and contributes to eventual mortality in 70 to 80% of those who(More)
BACKGROUND Hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) has been suggested to be beneficial in inflammatory bowel disease but the mechanisms responsible for its therapeutic effects have not been elucidated. AIM To assess the effect of HBO treatment on colonic damage in two models of experimental colitis, and to examine whether this effect is mediated by modulation of NO(More)