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Following the collapse of a building, seven subjects (aged 18 to 41 years) were released from under the rubble within one to 28 hours. All seven suffered from extensive crush injuries with evidence of severe rhabdomyolysis and were treated by the induction of an alkaline solute diuresis immediately on their extrication from the debris. The leakage of muscle(More)
BACKGROUND Hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) has been suggested to be beneficial in inflammatory bowel disease but the mechanisms responsible for its therapeutic effects have not been elucidated. AIM To assess the effect of HBO treatment on colonic damage in two models of experimental colitis, and to examine whether this effect is mediated by modulation of NO(More)
Although many renal physiologic studies in the rat have utilized pentobarbital anesthetized animals, there has been no systematic evaluation of the effects of barbiturate anesthesia on renal function. We therefore compared systemic hemodynamic and renal function parameters in conscious (C) and pentobarbital anesthetized (A) rats. Cardiac index and renal(More)
1. The effect of chronic bile-duct ligation on systemic and renal haemodynamics and on the capacity to dilute the urine was studied in conscious rats. Sham-operated rats served as controls. 2. In the rats with bile-duct ligation, the maximal urinary diluting capacity was impaired, despite an expanded plasma volume, a normal mean arterial pressure and(More)
Uremic patients undergoing chronic hemodialysis demonstrate a secondary systemic carnitine deficiency. We studied the effect of carnitine replacement with high doses (L-carnitine, 3 g/day) similar to those used in the treatment of primary systemic carnitine deficiency. 10 uremic patients on hemodialysis were randomly selected into a control group (4(More)
The widespread use of clhronic dialysis and renal homotransplantation, while prolonging the lives of patients with chronic renal failure, have con-comitantly resulted in the appearance of severe disorders of calcium and phosphorus metabolism and disabling renal osteodystrophy (retardation of growth and dwarfism, osteitis fibrosa, rickets or osteomalacia(More)