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An increase in volatile fatty acids (VFA) concentration (or the proportional decrease in carbonate alkalinity concentration) is the first practical measurable indication that an anaerobic treatment system is in a state of stress. If the system is not rectified at this early stage, failure is likely. Current methods for VFA measurement include distillation,(More)
The spontaneous chemical oxidation of Fe(II) to Fe(III) by O(2) is a complex process involving meta-stable partially oxidized intermediate species such as green rusts, which ultimately transform into a variety of stable iron oxide end-products such as hematite, magnetite, goethite and lepidocrocite. Although in many practical situations the nature of the(More)
This paper presents a new simple, rapid, and accurate method suitable for on-site measurement of volatile fatty acids (VFA) and carbonate alkalinity in anaerobic reactors. This titrimetric method involves eight pH observations, and typically, the full procedure takes approximately 15 min. An important feature of the method is a built-in quality control(More)
Removal of sulfide species from municipal sewage conveyance systems by dosage of iron salts is a relatively common practice. However, the reactions that occur between dissolved iron and sulfide species in municipal sewage media have not yet been fully quantified, and practical application relies heavily on empirical experience, which is often site specific.(More)
We introduce a strengthening of the release-acquire fragment of the C11 memory model that (i) forbids dubious behaviors that are not observed in any implementation; (ii) supports fence instructions that restore sequential consistency; and (iii) admits an equivalent intuitive operational semantics based on point-to-point communication. This strengthening has(More)
Great progress has been made recently in verifying the correctness of router forwarding tables [17, 19, 20, 26]. However, these approaches do not work for networks containing middleboxes such as caches and firewalls whose forwarding behavior depends on previously observed traffic. We explore how to verify isolation properties in networks that include such(More)
  • Ori Lahav
  • 2013 28th Annual ACM/IEEE Symposium on Logic in…
  • 2013
We provide a general method for generating cut-free and/or analytic hyper sequent Gent Zen-type calculi for a variety of normal modal logics. The method applies to all modal logics characterized by Kripke frames, transitive Kripke frames, or symmetric Kripke frames satisfying some properties, given by first-order formulas of a certain simple form. This(More)
Despite many years of research, it has proven very difficult to develop a memory model for concurrent programming languages that adequately balances the conflicting desiderata of programmers, compilers, and hardware. In this paper, we propose the first relaxed memory model that (1) accounts for a broad spectrum of features from the C++11 concurrency model,(More)
We define a general family of canonical labelled calculi, of which many previously studied sequent and labelled calculi are particular instances. We then provide a uniform and modular method to obtain finite-valued semantics for every canonical labelled calculus by introducing the notion of partial non-deterministic matrices. The semantics is applied to(More)
A novel vertical bed process for the removal of ammonium from secondary effluents, using a "passive air pump", has been developed. The process is based on convective aeration caused by a fill and draw operational sequence, and combines the advantages of the vertical wetlands concept with the high loading rates typically associated with trickling filters.(More)