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Localization of the generators of the scalp measured electrical activity is particularly difficult when a large number of brain regions are simultaneously active. In this study, we describe an approach to automatically isolate scalp potential maps, which are simple enough to expect reasonable results after applying a distributed source localization(More)
Tooth bleaching is a popular procedure in modern aesthetic dentistry. Bleaching agents may affect amalgam restorations by altering the release of mercury. The aim of this study was to explore the effect of biofilm-coated amalgam restorations on the release of mercury in the presence of carbamide peroxide. Samples of SDI and Valliant amalgams were submerged(More)
Low-voltage MOSFETs are widely used in the synchronous rectifying stages of power supplies. To allow a high efficiency in light-load conditions, the power MOSFET not only needs to meet general requirements like low on-resistance, low gate charge and good avalanche capability, but must also have a low output capacitance and low reverse-recovery charge. The(More)
This paper presents a study of the behavior of power MOSFET devices under hard commutation of the body diode as well as improvements of that behavior shown by latest technology developments based on detailed simulations of the device. Hard commutation of the body diode can represent a challenging mode of operation in regards to the ruggedness of power(More)
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