Orhan Yenici

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After reversal of blood flow following a prolonged period of ischemia, blood flow returns for a few seconds and is reduced afterward. This is called "no-reflow phenomenon." Antioxidants such as allopurinol have been shown to prevent the occurrence of this phenomenon in organs other than the intestine. An experimental study was conducted to investigate the(More)
Seventy-six patients with thyroid nodules were studied. Initially, 74 MBq of thallium-201 was injected. The thyroid gland was imaged 15 min (early) and 3 h (delayed) after the injection. Thereafter, 185 MBq technetium-99m pertechnetate was injected. Immediately after the injection, a 1-min perfusion image was acquired, followed by an image at 20 min.(More)
AIM When studying intestinal blood flow (IBF) using radiolabeled erythrocytes in the rabbit intestinal volvulus model, we also evaluated whether a pulse oxymeter (POX) could be used for the measurement of intestinal blood flow. METHODS IBF was measured with radiolabeled erythrocytes and POX in the rabbit intestinal volvulus model. The study was performed(More)
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