Orhan Kürşat Poyrazoğlu

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Fulminant hepatitis is a rare complication of acute hepatitis A infection. Nevertheless, the seroepidemiology of the infection is rapidly changing with the developing world, rendering more adults susceptible to the infection, in particular with more severe course. We report here fulminant hepatitis A infection with a mortal course during an epidemic period(More)
It is estimated that there are over 5,000 species of mushrooms worldwide. Some of them are edible and some are poisonous due to containing significant toxins. In more than 95% of mushroom toxicity cases, poisoning occurs as a result of misidentification of the mushroom by an amateur mushroom hunter. The severity of mushroom poisoning may vary, depending on(More)
Colchicine, an old and well-known drug, is an alkaloid extracted from Colchicum autumnale and related species. Colchicine inhibits the deposition of uric acid crystals and is an inhibitor of mitosis. Nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and diarrhea, with a massive loss of fluid and electrolytes are the first clinical symptoms of colchicine poisoning. Stomach(More)
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