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Efficacy of transrectal ultrasonography in the evaluation of hematospermia.
Transrectal ultrasonography should be the first radiological investigation to be performed in patients presenting with hematospermia and is believed to be a noninvasive, safe method for the investigation of causes of hematOSpermia. Expand
Use of Percent Free Prostate-Specific Antigen Density to Improve the Specificity for Detecting Prostate Cancer in Patients with Normal Rectal Examinations and Intermediate Prostate-Specific Antigen
Perpetual PSA density is more specific than percent free PSA in distinguishing benign from malignant disease in men with a normal digital rectal examination and an intermediate PSA level. Expand
Effects of Transurethral Prostate Resection and Transurethral Laser Prostatectomy on Plasma Hormone Levels
Alterations in the plasma levels of LH and prolactin following prostatectomy during follow-up evaluation led the physicians to consider possible effects of some factors released from resected prostate gland. Expand
Microvessel density and regulators of angiogenesis in malignant and nonmalignant prostate tissue
A significant increase in MVD, VEGF, TSP-1, and p53 expressions in prostate tumorigenesis is demonstrated and the pretreatment sPSA was the only parameter demonstrating significant correlation with tumor grade and may have a value in the prediction of aggressive tumor behavior in PC. Expand
Outcome of Augmentation Sigmoidocystoplasty in Children with Neurogenic Bladder
In children with neurogenic bladder pathologies refractory to conservative management, augmentation cystoplasty with CISC is an effective treatment modality in protecting the upper urinary tract and preventing incontinence. Expand
Effect of Laser Prostatectomy on the Serum Prostate-Specific Antigen Concentration: Results of a Prospective Study
This study showed that LP produced a variable rise in PSA, with a peak rise occurring 24 h after the procedure, and it is recommended that blood should not be sampled for PSA for at least 30 days after LP. Expand