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Queue management and congestion control are important to the robustness and fairness of the Internet. So far, the active queue management (AQM) algorithms show weaknesses to detect and control congestion under dynamically changing network topology. In this paper a new AQM algorithm, termed as an adaptive AQM (AAQM) is proposed to improve on both fairness(More)
We compared the results of gene molecular and immunocytochemical studies of β-catenin and E-cadherin in different variants of nodular thyroid disease (nodular colloid goiter, follicular thyroid adenocarcinoma, papillary thyroid cancer) and revealed changes of the function of the E-cadherin/β-catenin complex leading to switching from adhesion function of(More)
The aim of the present study was to investigate anti-inflammatory activity of Diclocor in the setting of collagen-induced osteoarthritis in rats in comparison with its active monocomponents—diclofenac sodium and quercetin. The study was conducted on the model of collagen-induced osteoarthritis and included measurement of sialic acids, glycoproteins,(More)
  • O. POPOV, T. TRETYAKOVA, O. Popow, T. Rretyakova
  • 2014
In present article the problem of knowledge's fields design ontology is considered. A decision of this problem is a necessary stage for creation of knowledge base at the Open E-learning systems. The problem is considered with reference to a class of intelligent E-learning systems, which are intended for operators of dynamic processes: pilots, navigators,(More)
The efficiency of autotransplantation of the thyroid tissue into the greater omentum was demonstrated in experiments on rats. High viability of the transplant and restoration of the hormonal thyroid activity were attained after a single injection of the cell suspension of autologous adherent bone marrow cells directly into the transplant.
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