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One of the most important criteria for major depressive disorder in adults and in children and adolescents as well, is the loss of interest in or pleasure from typically enjoyable experiences or activities: anhedonia. Anxiety is frequently co-morbid with depression. We examined reward and anxiety in genetic animal models of childhood depression. Two(More)
This study investigates how webmasters of sites affiliated with bounded communities manage tensions created by the open social affordances of the internet.We examine howwebmasters strategically manage their respective websites to accommodate their assumed target audiences. Through in-depth interviews with Orthodox webmasters in Israel, we uncover how they(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the levels of serum P-selectin in patients undergoing controlled ovarian hyperstimulation (COH) cycles with urinary (uGn) versus recombinant gonadotropins (rGn) and their possible correlation with COH variables. METHODS This study was carried out in a large university-based infertility and in vitro fertilization unit. A total of 14(More)
The Internet has been lauded for its ability to foster interaction among innumerable individuals. However, this interaction among strangers has been accompanied by apprehension and uneasiness. This concern has been magnified in the case of children and youth, who are often considered susceptible to adult harassment and are viewed as requiring adult and(More)
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