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Growth in energy demands, coupled with the need for clean energy, are likely to make solar cells an important part of future energy resources. In particular, cells entirely made of metal oxides (MOs) have the potential to provide clean and affordable energy if their power conversion efficiencies are improved. Such improvements require the development of new(More)
Quantitative structure activity relationship (QSAR) or quantitative structure property relationship (QSPR) models are developed to correlate activities for sets of compounds with their structure-derived descriptors by means of mathematical models. The presence of outliers, namely, compounds that differ in some respect from the rest of the data set,(More)
— The vehicle routing problem with time windows, widely used in practice, is an NP-hard problem. This paper presents a new meta-heuristic algorithm for solving the problem. Unlike traditional two-steps algorithms, the proposed optimization algorithm, based on the artificial bee colony algorithm combined with the vector evaluated technique, solves the(More)
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