Oren Cohen

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Corticospinal interactions are considered to play a key role in executing voluntary movements. Nonetheless several different studies have shown directly and indirectly that these interactions take place long before movement starts, when preparation for forthcoming movements dominates. When motor-related parameters are continuously processed in several(More)
Performing voluntary motor actions requires the translation of motor commands into a specific set of muscle activation. While it is assumed that this process is carried out via cooperative interactions between supraspinal and spinal neurons, the unique contribution of each of these areas to the process is still unknown. Many studies have focused on the(More)
BACKGROUND Connectivity between brain regions provides the fundamental infrastructure for information processing. The standard way to characterize these interactions is to stimulate one site while recording the evoked response from a second site. The average stimulus-triggered response is usually compared to the pre-stimulus activity. This requires a set of(More)