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The demographic traits of the solitary azooxanthellate scleractinian Leptopsammia pruvoti were determined in six populations on a sea surface temperature (SST) gradient along the western Italian coasts. This is the first investigation of the growth and demography characteristics of an azooxanthellate scleractinian along a natural SST gradient. Growth rate(More)
Correlations between sea surface temperature (SST) and growth parameters of the solitary azooxanthellate Dendrophylliid Leptopsammia pruvoti were assessed along an 8° latitudinal gradient on western Italian coasts (Mediterranean Sea), to check for possible negative effects of increasing temperature as the ones reported for a closely related, sympatric but(More)
The broad repertoire of secreted trophic and immunomodulatory cytokines produced by mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), generally referred to as the MSC secretome, has considerable potential for the treatment of cardiovascular disease. However, harnessing this MSC secretome for meaningful therapeutic outcomes is challenging due to the limited control of cytokine(More)
Mutations in the PARK2 gene are associated with an autosomal recessive form of juvenile parkinsonism (AR-JP). These mutations affect parkin solubility and impair its E3 ligase activity, leading to a toxic accumulation of proteins within susceptible neurons that results in a slow but progressive neuronal degeneration and cell death. Here, we report that(More)
Scleractinian coral skeletons are made mainly of calcium carbonate in the form of aragonite. The mineral deposition occurs in a biological confined environment, but it is still a theme of discussion to what extent the calcification occurs under biological or environmental control. Hence, the shape, size and organization of skeletal crystals from the(More)
The variety of reproductive processes and modes among coral species reflects their extraordinary regeneration ability. Scleractinians are an established example of clonal animals that can exhibit a mixed strategy of sexual and asexual reproduction to maintain their populations. This study provides the first description of the annual reproductive cycle and(More)
Balanophyllia europaea is a shallow water solitary zooxanthellate coral, endemic to the Mediterranean Sea. Extensive field studies across a latitudinal temperature gradient highlight detrimental effects of rising temperatures on its growth, demography, and skeletal characteristics, suggesting that depression of photosynthesis at high temperatures might(More)
Parkinson's disease (PD) is a common neurodegenerative disorder, for which there are no effective disease-modifying therapies. The transcription factor ATF4 (activating transcription factor 4) is induced by multiple PD-relevant stressors, such as endoplasmic reticulum stress and oxidative damage. ATF4 may exert either protective or deleterious effects on(More)
DNA translocases are molecular motors that move rapidly along DNA using adenosine triphosphate as the source of energy. We directly observed the movement of purified FtsK, an Escherichia coli translocase, on single DNA molecules. The protein moves at 5 kilobases per second and against forces up to 60 piconewtons, and locally reverses direction without(More)
There are two major purposes of this essay. The first is to summarize existing evidence that irrespective of the initiating causes, neuron death and degeneration in Parkinson's disease (PD) are due to the common feature of failure of signaling by Akt, a kinase involved in neuron survival and maintenance of synaptic contacts. The second is to consider(More)