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The stability of formulated carotenoid diets during feed processing and under different storage conditions were studied. All carotenoid diets were split into two groups with one group containing BHT (acting as an antioxidant) at 250 ppm and the other without BHT. The experiment was divided into two parts. First, all diets were evaluated in total carotenoid(More)
The utilization of astaxanthin, lutein and -carotene were studied in fancy carp (Cyprinus carpio) at doses of 173.09 ± 19.00, 187.20 ± 14.79 and 172.54 ± 10.09 μg. Fish were received each carotenoids at dose per fish and feeding by a single oral administration of the corresponding dose. Serum concentration time curves for astaxanthin, lutein and -carotene(More)
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