Orancio Duran

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Laser profilers for pipe inspection have been recently proposed. Most of these systems are based on the geometrical analysis of pipes, measuring radial distance by means of changes in the pipe images by the method known as triangulation. In this work, a novel approach that uses the intensity distribution of the reflected light is proposed in order to assess(More)
We propose a computationally efficient methodology to determine the background classes and anomalies in a moving sequence of hyperspectral data. A target material may be considered as an anomaly in an image that has a spectral signature different from the spectral signatures of the background objects. In order to detect such anomalies in an image, the(More)
The field trials of a prompt gamma neutron activation (PGNAA) spectrometric logging method and instrumentation (SIROLOG) for copper grade estimation in production holes of a porphyry type copper ore mine, Chuquicamata in Chile, are described. Examples of data analysis, calibration procedures and copper grade profiles are provided. The field tests have(More)
In this paper, we propose a mathematical model to describe the functioning of a bioreactor landfill, that is a waste management facility in which biodegradable waste is used to generate methane. The simulation of a bioreactor landfill is a very complex multiphysics problem in which bacteria catalyze a chemical reaction that starting from organic carbon(More)
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