Oran S Aaronson

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OBJECT Outcome studies for spine surgery rely on patient-reported outcomes (PROs) to assess treatment effects. Commonly used health-related quality-of-life questionnaires include the following(More)
OBJECT Malignant primary osseous spinal neoplasms are aggressive tumors that remain associated with poor outcomes despite aggressive multidisciplinary treatment measures. To date, prognosis for(More)
INTRODUCTION Surgical site infection (SSI) in the setting of lumbar fusion is associated with significant morbidity and medical resource utilization. To date, there have been no studies conducted(More)
OBJECT Despite advances in technology and understanding in spinal physiology, reoperation for symptomatic same-level recurrent stenosis continues to occur. Although revision lumbar surgery is(More)
The authors describe a previously undocumented complication of suboccipital craniectomy combined with duraplasty for the treatment of Chiari malformation Type I and propose techniques to prevent its(More)