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Oak regeneration within pine monocultures is an opportunity to diversify forest structure. We examined the relationships between overstory (Pinus brutia) light interception and understory oak (Quercus ithaburensis) performance in water-limited forests. The study was performed in a mature pine plantation in Mediterranean Israel. Twenty-year-old oaks(More)
During the summer, evaporative demand at midday often exceeds the transport capacity of most desert plants. However, date palms maintain their ecological dominance with sustained and uniquely high rates of transpiration. This high rate of flow cannot be attributed to soil water supply alone. In order to quantify intra-plant water allocation in irrigated(More)
Irrigation of crops in arid regions with marginal water is expanding. Due to economic and environmental issues arising from use of low-quality water, irrigation should follow the actual crop water demands. However, direct measurements of transpiration are scant, and indirect methods are commonly applied; e.g., the Penman–Monteith (PM) equation that(More)
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