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Skin color segmentation has proven to be useful in various application, such as face detection, hand gesture analysis, image content filtering, etc. There are some challenges on skin-color detection, such as wide variety of illumination condition and skin-like color objects appear in the background of image. Therefore, a method is required to cope with(More)
Future of data mining is the social network mining, especially in connection with the web pages, will incorporate the network timeline that are generated with social network extraction. This approach we use to deal with dynamic and process of evolution in networks. Although there is an increasing interest about the social network analysis, but a little of(More)
In this research, a file undelete method is proposed by which the file recovery system retrieved the file metadata through a parsing process from the master file table (MFT) attributes. Using the Aho-Corasick algorithm, the process is then continued with a filtering process in which keywords are matched with file names. The result obtained shows that the(More)
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