Ophelia L Saavedra

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Summary The prevalence of osteoporosis was assessed among post-menopausal women dwelling in an urban community of Davao, Philippines using quantitative ultrasonic bone densitometry and its predictors were investigated. The prevalence of osteoporosis was 19.8%. Advancing age, lower body weight, and higher educational attainment were identified as the(More)
We explored knowledge of osteoporosis and locally available calcium-rich foods among 1,151 urban women in the Philippines and analyzed the cross-sectional associations of their responses to questions about knowledge with their age, educational background, and family income status. In total, 80.3% of the women had heard about osteoporosis; a higher(More)
Low calcium intake and physical inactivity are modifiable risk factors of osteoporosis; however, little information is available about the prevalence of these risk factors among urban Filipino women living on low-incomes. The present study, therefore, investigated daily calcium intake, main calcium sources, and physical activity status in this population.(More)
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