Opeyemi Adesina

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In this paper, we present our position and experience on integrating formal methods with the Model-driven Engineering (MDE) approach to software development. Both these two approaches have advantages and disadvantages, and we here show how the advantages of one can be exploited to cover or weaken the disadvantages of the other. We also propose an(More)
We propose an approach to encode state diagrams with and-cross transitions. The notion of and-cross transitions is being rejected by researchers and practitioners in model-driven engineering community for reasons that include limited use-inpractice, unmanageable underlying complexity, and availability of alternative modeling solutions. In this paper, we(More)
In this paper, we propose a solution based upon Umple for data transformation of Financial Information eXchange protocol (FIXML). The proposed solution includes syntactic and semantic analysis and automatic code generation. We discuss our solution based on development effort, modularity, complexity, accuracy, fault tolerance, and execution time factors. We(More)
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