Oost Der

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Culture-grown astrocytes derived from 3-day-old rat brain were incubated in the presence of [3H]guanosine and of the convulsant agent L-methionine-dl-sulfoximine (MSO). The resulting [3H]tRNA was purified from control and MSO-exposed cells at several time points during the incubation and was hydrolyzed to [3H]guanine and four [3H]methyl guanines which were(More)
Incubation of synaptosomes together with 1-acyl-2-[14C]arachidonoyl-sn-glycerophosphoinositols (GPI) and sodium deoxycholate yielded diacylglycerols and free arachidonic acid. Diacylglycerol formation is attributed to hydrolysis by the diacyl-GPI-specific phospholipase C (EC, and this reaction requires sodium deoxycholate for optimal activity. The(More)
The biosynthesis of tRNA was investigated in cultured astroglial cells and the 3-day-old rat brain in vivo. In the culture system astrocytes were grown for 19 days and were then exposed to [3H]guanosine for 1.5-7.5 h; 3-day-old rats were injected with [3H]guanosine and were killed 5-45 min later. [3H]tRNA was extracted, partially purified, and hydrolyzed to(More)
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