Onyechi O. Obidoa

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Some biochemical effects of sub-acute oral administration of L-arginine on monosodium glutamate-fed Wistar albino rats 1: body weight changes, serum cholesterol, creatinine, and sodium ion concentrations A. C. C. Egbuonua; O. Obidoaa; C. A. Ezeokonkwoa; P. M. Ejikemeb; L. U. S. Ezeanyikaa a Nutrition and Toxicological Biochemistry Laboratory, Department of(More)
Some observations and reports show that people with high consumption of Solanum aethiopicum (African garden egg) have relief in arthritic pains and swelling. We aimed at assessing the effect of methanol extract of Solanum aethiopicum in experimentally induced inflammation using leukocyte mobilization and vascular permeability tests in rats and human red(More)
The production of total aflatoxin (B1, B2, M1 and M2) in ten tropical foodstuffs (with and without zinc enrichment) inoculated with Aspergillus flavus NRRL 3251 was examined to determine the effect of zinc on aflatoxigenic potential. Aflatoxin production was not linearly correlated with zinc levels of the food substrates. The data presented indicate that(More)
To determine the impact of socioeconomic status on plasma trace element status and pregnancy outcomes, 349 pregnant women, aged 15-40 years (mean 27.04 +/- 2.75 years), recruited at < or = 25 weeks (mean 21.76 +/- 3.12 weeks) gestational age, were followed up till delivery during which maternal and foetal outcomes were recorded. Plasma copper, iron, and(More)
Chronic alcohol ingestion is known to increase the generation of reactive oxygen species (ROS), thereby leading to liver damage. Antioxidant enzymes act individually or in combination to reduce or counter the effect of these ROS. Chronic administration of alcohol at (40% v/v, 1 ml/100 g), for 6 weeks showed a significant (p<0.05) elevated levels of alanine(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the possible anti-inflammatory effect of garden egg [Solanum aethiopicum (S. aethiopicum)] using experimentally induced inflammatory models in rats. METHODS Oedema was induced on the rat hind paw by the injection of 0.1 mL undiluted fresh egg albumin (philogistic agent) into the subplantar surface of the rat paw. Tissue granuloma was(More)
The toxicity of chloroform stem bark extract of Erythrina senegalensis DC, a medicinal plant with anti-inflammatory activity, was studied in vivo and in vitro. The LD50 i.p. of the extract was 526 mg/kg after an acute toxicity test (24 h). A brine shrimp lethality test with the extract gave LC50 of 60.86 ppm. The chronic studies revealed alterations in the(More)
Benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH) constitutes a lot of health burden for adult males. Prevalence statistics are well documented in the developed world, but not so well documented in Africa, especially in Nigeria. This study was therefore carried out to provide information on the prevalence of BPH in this locality. Adult males (aged forty years or older) who(More)