Onuttom Narayan

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Understanding key structural properties of large-scale networks is crucial for analyzing and optimizing their performance and improving their reliability and security. Here, through an analysis of a collection of data networks across the globe as measured and documented by previous researchers, we show that communications networks at the Internet protocol(More)
Recent measurement and simulation studies have revealed that wide area network traffic has complex statistical—possibly multifractal—characteristics on short timescales, and is self-similar on long timescales. In this paper, using measured TCP traces and queueing simulations, we show that the fine timescale features can affect performance substantially at(More)
Given n data points in d-dimensional space, nearest neighbor searching involves determining the nearest of these data points to a given query point. Most averagecase analyses of nearest neighbor searching algorithms are made under the simplifying assumption that d is fixed and that n is so large relative to d that boundary effects can be ignored. This means(More)
We show that for one-dimensional fluids the thermal conductivity generically diverges with system size L as L(1/3), as a result of momentum conservation. Our results are consistent with the largest-scale numerical studies of two-component hard-particle systems. We suggest explanations for the apparent disagreement with studies on Fermi-Pasta-Ulam chains.
Recent measurement and simulation studies have revealed that wide area network traffic displays complex statistical characteristics-possibly multifractal scaling-on fine timescales, in addition to the well-known property of self-similar scaling on coarser timescales. In this paper we investigate the performance and network engineering significance of these(More)
Through detailed analysis of scores of publicly available data sets corresponding to a wide range of large-scale networks, from communication and road networks to various forms of social networks, we explore a little-studied geometric characteristic of real-life networks, namely their hyperbolicity. In smooth geometry, hyperbolicity captures the notion of(More)