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It is generally accepted that patients with major depressive disorder have smaller hippocampus size compared to healthy people. However, it is still not known if this situation exists before the onset of the disease or is a result of the toxic mechanism created by the depression itself. The findings of the long-term follow-up studies of first-episode(More)
The fact that the demands which could be labelled as “luxurious” in the past times, have became requirements makes it inevitable that the service providers do new researches and prepare alternative plans under harsh competition conditions. In order to provide the customers with the services in terms of the committed standards by taking the possible damages(More)
This paper considers the one-dimensional cutting stock problem with divisible items, which is a new problem in the cutting stock literature. The problem exists in steel industries. In the new problem, each item can be divided into smaller pieces, then they can be recombined again by welding. The objective is to minimize both the trim loss and the number of(More)
Since no fixed infrastructure and no centralized management present in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks (WANETs), a Connected Dominating Set (CDS) representing the network is widely used as a virtual backbone. Given a graph, a CDS is a subset of vertices such that every vertex in the graph is either in the subset or adjacent to a vertex in the subset and the(More)
In this paper, a solution method for classical fair division problem utilizing cut-and-choose protocol has been examined and a new method has been suggested in order to eliminate the deficiencies of that method. Furthermore, the problem has been generalized and mathematical models have been written according to oddness or evenness of the number of persons(More)
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