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OBJECTIVE We report a rare case of calcifying pseudoneoplasm in the foramen magnum. A large variety of tumors can be found in the foramen magnum; meningiomas, neurofibromas, chordomas, chondrosarcomas and metastases are among those that have been reported. Based on the histopathological structure of the tumor, radical excision or, in the case of tumors with(More)
The aim of this study was to provide detailed information about the arterial vascularization of the splenium of the corpus callosum (CC). The splenium is unique in that it is part of the largest commissural tract in the brain and a region in which pathologies are seen frequently. An exact description of the arterial vascularization of this part of the CC(More)
STUDY DESIGN A retrospective study. PURPOSE The aim of this study is to compare the efficacy and outcome of vertebroplasty compared with unipedicular and bipedicular kyphoplasty for the treatment of osteoporotic vertebral compression fractures in terms of pain, functional capacity and height restoration rates. OVERVIEW OF LITERATURE The vertebroplasty(More)
Glioblastoma is very rare in the pineal region. We report a case of glioblastoma in this region. This is the 18th case of primary glioblastoma in the pineal region and the second case that survived over two years according the literature. A 60-year-old man admitted with headache and ataxia that continued for the last 3 months. Physical examination was(More)
AIM Genetic predisposition and some environmental factors play an important role in the development of neural tube defects. Levetiracetam is a new drug that has been approved in the treatment of partial seizures. We aimed in this study to determine the effect of levetiracetam on chick embryos. MATERIAL AND METHODS One hundred and sixty fertile(More)
AIM To report our clinical experience, surgical treatment algorithm and technique in the reconstruction of uncomplicated and small-size calvarial defects by performing autologous split-bone grafting technique on anatomical findings and patients" outcome. MATERIAL AND METHODS We covered the defective calvarial zone without bone (area, 3.8 to 7.5(More)
BACKGROUND Carpal tunnel syndrome is the most frequently seen trap neuropathy leads to pain, paresis, and weakness of hands. METHODS Totally, 60 patients who underwent endoscopic or standard CTS surgery in İbni Sina Hospital, Medical Faculty of Ankara university in the period of 2009 and 2012 were enrolled in this prospective study. RESULTS During 36(More)
The presence of air in spinal canal is called as "pneumorrhachis." Nontraumatic, noniatrogenic spontaneous spinal air is an uncommon case. Peripheral alveoli burst due to the increased pressure in alveoli in the case of trauma, asthma, pneumothorax, or pneumomediastinum. Air pass to the mediastinum and then to retropharyngeal space and reaches to epidural(More)
The arterial vascularization of the pineal gland (PG) remains a debatable subject. This study aims to provide detailed information about the arterial vascularization of the PG. Thirty adult human brains were obtained from routine autopsies. Cerebral arteries were separately cannulated and injected with colored latex. The dissections were carried out using a(More)
We describe herein a patient with primary intracerebral malignant fibrous histiocytoma (MFH) to demonstrate this very rare central nervous system tumor. A 42-year-old male was admitted to our institute with the complaints of headache and speech impairment. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) revealed a tumor consistent with meningioma and we(More)
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