Onur Köksoy

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The recent push for quality in industry has brought response surface methodology to the attention of many users. Most of the published literature on robust design methodology is basically concerned with optimization of a single response or quality characteristic which is often most critical to consumers. For most products, however, quality is(More)
This paper presents an alternative approach to the dual response systems problem by utilizing a tabu search algorithm that yields a string of solutions and examine the trade-offs graphically and systematically how the controllable variables simultaneously impact the mean and the standard deviation of a characteristic of interest relevant to an industrial(More)
Self-control theory is tested in relation to violence on a sample of university students in Turkey. The primary findings indicate support for the theory net of the impacts of strain, deterrence, differential association, social bonding, and routine activity theories: The greater the low self-control, the greater the violence. No subdimensions of(More)
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