Onur Berber

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The purpose of this study was to assess the stability of a developmental pelvic reconstruction system which extends the concept of triangular osteosynthesis with fixation anterior to the lumbosacral pivot point. An unstable Tile type-C fracture, associated with a sacral transforaminal fracture, was created in synthetic pelves. The new concept was compared(More)
PURPOSE To assess the neurological and walking status of 56 elderly patients after cervical myelopathy to determine whether the surgery was justified. METHODS Records of 23 men and 33 women aged 75 to 86 (mean, 79) years who underwent laminoplasty for cervical myelopathy were retrospectively reviewed. They had been followed up for a mean of 3.5 (range,(More)
Conventional retrograde cystography is often used to investigate patients with suspected bladder ruptures in pelvic trauma. Clinical indicators suggestive of a rupture include haematuria and suprapubic tenderness and should increase the suspicion of bladder and urinary tract injury and prompt the clinician to undertake further investigations. Two patients(More)
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