Onuabuchi U Okoro

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A total of 1,243 Ezza people living in 10 communities of Ebonyi State, eastern Nigeria were examined between July 2002-January 2003 for lymphatic filariasis. This is the first time a filariasis survey due to Wuchereria bancrofti has been carried out in this state. Of the 1,243 persons examined, 210 (16.9 %) had W. bancrofti microfilariae. Infection varied(More)
Between January and August 2000, a house-to-house survey of dracunculiasis was conducted in 15 communities along the north eastern border of Ebonyi State, south eastern Nigeria. Of the 3,777 subjects examined, 192 (5.1%) had active cases of guinea worm comprising 109 males (5.5%) and 83 females (4.6%). Infections were observed in all age groups. Of the(More)
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