Ontoseno Penangsang

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–This paper proposes a new scheme Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) to overcome low performances of conventional PWM control strategy in Cascaded Multilevel Inverter (ACMLI). This scheme advance conventional Carrier-Based PWM (CBPWM) using triangle carrier in different amplitudes. By this scheme ACMLI can control by PWM that according to dc voltage amplitude(More)
This paper presents a gravitational search algorithm (GSA) method for voltage control, which reduces transmission losses by adjusting the reactive power variables, such as generator voltages and other sources of reactive power, such as capacitor banks, and provides better system voltage profile. The objective function of the proposed method is to minimize(More)
This paper proposes an approach for optimal power flow with incorporation of preventive and corrective control. The approach is useful for operation planning to guarantee secure operation under both normal and contingency states. Therefore, the approach consists of main problem and sub problem representing normal and contingency states, respectively. In(More)
This paper proposes a quadratic programming for solving the dynamic direct current optimal power flow (DDCOPF). The DDCOPF solves OPF with multi load levels in which ramp rate of committed units become coupling between two series load levels. To overcome this problem, a very large matrix may be required. The more number of load levels are considered, the(More)
Detection of power quality disturbance is most essential to ensure the good Power Quality (PQ). The power disturbance signal will reduce the reliability of power system and create some disadvantage on operation process. Aging of electrical device, incorrect measurement, devices malfunction are the consequence of this condition. The characteristic of power(More)
Renewable energy sources and batteries are the important components to supply power on the stand-alone microgrid. Optimization of the stand-alone microgrid is needed to get the lowest energy generation const. The saving generation cost can be Renewable energy sources and batteries is an important component of the power supply stand-alone microgrid.(More)
Most of rural areas in Indonesia, especially outside Java islands, are still undeveloped and lacked household electric power. On the other hand, grid extension isn't a suitable solution for them because of the general layout in Indonesia is an archipelago state and the price of grid exension is high. Therefore, we must find another solution for electricity(More)
This paper uses particle swarm optimization (PSO) to develop modified economic dispatch of multi microgrid (MMG) system with renewable energy sources. MMG system consists of several microgrids, microgrids with generator sets and microgrids with renewable energy sources. Combination of several microgrids into MMG system can minimize the use of generator sets(More)
The allocation of local active and reactive power in distribution systems is very important to meet customer demand and maintain the quality of electrical energy. Power loss and voltage deviation can be minimized by placing Distributed Generations (DGs) or Shunt Capacitor Banks (SCBs) in the right places and with the appropriate size. This paper discusses(More)
DGs Technology has become the center of attention of the researchers and engineers because it is considered as an appropriate solution to overcome the shortage of electricity supply and power quality problems. DGs placement in appropriate locations with the right type and size is a challenging issue. This research discusses the simultaneous placement and(More)