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This paper proposes a new scheme Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) to overcome low performances of conventional PWM control strategy in Cascaded Multilevel Inverter (ACMLI). This scheme advance conventional Carrier-Based PWM (CBPWM) using triangle carrier in different amplitudes. By this scheme ACMLI can control by PWM that according to dc voltage amplitude used(More)
This paper represents the Gravitational Search Algorithm (GSA) that can be used to determine the optimal location and rating of Thyristor controlled Series Capacitor (TCSC). TCSC is equipment used to regulate and improve power flow in power system. The method used in this study was GSA. TCSC were the implemented on 500kV Java-Bali Power System. Loadflow(More)
Power systems in all over the world have increased in size and complexity due to rapid growth of widespread interconnection. This situation will make power system operated closer to steady-state stability limit (SSSL) resulting in higher probability voltage instability or voltage collapse. This paper presents SSSL assessment in power system using Artificial(More)
This paper proposes a quadratic programming for solving the dynamic direct current optimal power flow (DDCOPF). The DDCOPF solves OPF with multi load levels in which ramp rate of committed units become coupling between two series load levels. To overcome this problem, a very large matrix may be required. The more number of load levels are considered, the(More)
This paper presents a gravitational search algorithm (GSA) method for voltage control, which reduces transmission losses by adjusting the reactive power variables, such as generator voltages and other sources of reactive power, such as capacitor banks, and provides better system voltage profile. The objective function of the proposed method is to minimize(More)
This paper will discuss about impact of nonlinear load in residential costumer to harmonic distortion. Electricity consumer behaviour particularly in the household sector with the development of technology will evolve. Equipment used for everyday purposes continues to grow and has become a lifestyle. The modern life is becoming fabulous with the invention(More)
This paper proposes an approach for optimal power flow considering several contingency states. Initially, contingency selection is conducted to measure how much a specific contingency may affect the operation cost. Then, some severe contingencies are incorporated into optimal power flow problem. All considered states, normal and contingency states, are(More)
Many countries have been triggered to provide a new energy policy which promotes renewable energy applications because of public awareness to reduce the global warming and rising in fuel prices. Renewable energy sources such as solar energy are green and promising energy in the future for widespread use. Combining renewable energy sources with battery makes(More)
Detection of power quality disturbance is most essential to ensure the good Power Quality (PQ). The power disturbance signal will reduce the reliability of power system and create some disadvantage on operation process. Aging of electrical device, incorrect measurement, devices malfunction are the consequence of this condition. The characteristic of power(More)
Most of rural areas in Indonesia, especially outside Java islands, are still undeveloped and lacked household electric power. On the other hand, grid extension isn't a suitable solution for them because of the general layout in Indonesia is an archipelago state and the price of grid exension is high. Therefore, we must find another solution for electricity(More)