Onsy Abdel Alim

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Most benign breast tumors possess well-defined, sharp boundaries that delineate them from surrounding tissues, as opposed to malignant tumors. Computer techniques proposed to date for tumor analysis have concentrated on shape factors of tumor regions and texture measures. While shape measures based on contours of tumor regions can indicate differences in(More)
Telemedicine is a field of medicine characterized by telecommunication for clinical health care and transmission of medical images and videos. For transmission, a huge bandwidth is required over the internet. The size of the images that belongs to a single patient is very large which contains resolution factor and diagnostic images. So there is a need for(More)
Long Term Evolution (LTE) standards have cancelled the circuit switched domain, turning the next generation cellular networks into an all IP system, and VoIP the only way to transport voice. Despite that VoIP codecs are well developed for internet applications, these codecs are not designed to adapt for varying radio channel conditions, as in the case of(More)
Carrier Frequency Offset (CFO) estimation and correction is a critical issue in all OFDM receivers. For WiMAX Physical layer it is even more challenging to introduce a suitable CFO sub-system since WiMAX system supports complex features for future applications such as multiuser, multi-access and high mobility operation. This paper is concerned with low cost(More)
— In this paper, we use Poisson Driven Stochastic Differential Equations (PCSDE) to model the window size behavior of a new version of the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) running dominantly over computer networks which is TCP Westwood Rate Estimation (TCPW RE). The model considers the Additive Increase Adaptive Decrease (AIAD) congestion control scheme(More)
A cyclic minimum variance detector is presented for the blind detection of the higher data rate signals in a multirate asynchronous Direct Sequence Code Division Multiple Access (DS-CDMA) system and which are signaled over a multipath Rayleigh fading channel. The interference viewed by a higher data rate symbol will be periodic in nature due to the presence(More)
We study the performance of a DS-CDMA blind multiuser detector in multipath Rayleigh fading channels for high data rates where the delay spread can be larger than one symbol duration. We propose blind recursive minimum output variance detectors for multipath channels with an additional constraint on the energy of the filter tap weights. This constraint(More)
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